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Marie Photography

In the heart of the image-Photography self help book

$29.99 - $32.99

Ever wish you could look at photos of tacos AND learn photography? Ever wish you could take a photography class but the cost of a few hours of instruction with tons of people(100-250) PLUS childcare PLUS finding the time just got in the way? Ever wish you could sit down in your own free time, glass of wine in hand, and learn to use your fancy camera you got ages ago? Ever wish you could take photos at your child's birthday, graduation, or any other important occasion but aren't quite confident your photos would turn out better than they would with your cell phone?

Now you don't have to wish any more! You can look at photos of tacos and learn manual mode! You can affordably learn the basics of photography! A book written with tons of photos from a REAL parent, with REAL children, in REAL life environments. Several FULL color images to look at and guide you as you discover the joy that there is to be found in taking portraits! No studio umbrellas, no fancy gear, just the basics! A short and simple info book that you can read and learn from when time finally allows!

In this book I go over
1. Shooting Manual with ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed
2. Having realistic expectations
3. Share various family excursions and color photos from our trips to the pumpkin patch, birthday parties, and the beach!
4. Preparing your house for a photo session
5. Preparing your children for a photo session

But most all, making photography FUN and exciting for beginners!

If you are ready to learn the basics of lifestyle family photography, look no further! For the price of less than FIVE trips to Starbucks, one time to the nail salon, or a nice bottle of wine, you can give your kids a lifetime of home photography and real life moments that you can be proud to shoot yourself! For just 29.99, you can learn all this and more!

But wait! There's more! Now do I sound like I am selling a pack of knives on QVC?
For an additional 15.00 (just about a bottle of wine), you can also join a secret facebook group for 12 months where I will share more details, go over anything you don't understand, post more videos and photos etc! That's right, for just $1.25 a month to join the group! Everyone can learn from each other and post together etc!

Wether you just buy the book, or you go all in and commit to 12 months of learning in our secret facebook group, I know you are going to love it!

To the more advanced photographers-I do not even begin to cover studio work, or anything that can't be done with a basic camera! It's very simple for the beginners and I wanted to keep it that way! More books to follow for more in depth learning!

You can opt for FREE studio pickup or its an additional 3.00 for shipping
Books will be ready for pickup or shipped within 5 business days!